CAST NC Start-up competition is calling for Proposals

To coordinate CAST USA 2015 conference and activities, CAST NC is running a Start-up Competition on Sept 12th (Saturday, PM, RTP area) for anyone local in NC, and sounding states where there is no local chapter, who have her/his dream to start their own business. Three attachment files are included . Here are some details information.


中国旅美科技协会北卡分会(CAST-NC) 2015年7月21日在北卡Research Triangle Park举行圆桌会议,由葛兰素GSK制药公司前资深科学家韩八斤博士讲述回中国创业和就业的工作经历。

CAST USA 2015 Convention

Sept 12th 创业大赛

  • Top 3 Winners will be sent to CAST-USA competition in Oct

  • Judges will be from local experts and CA venture capital

  • Online/Wechat Training in Aug

  • Open registration July 31-Aug 31.

Forms download: Startup-planguide-2015.doc  CASTNC-Startup-appform-2015.doc  Business-Plan-for-a-Startup.doc

Experience of Working in China in the Last Four Years

讲座人:Dr. Bajin Han 博士
主题: Experience of Working in China in the Last Four Years

Ms. Yu Lou Has Been Elected as the CAST-NC President

Due to some personal and family issues, Mr. Xiang decided to resign from the CAST-NC presidency position. We regret that Mr. Xiang could not finish his term until the year end but we respect his decision to focus on his family.
The CAST-NC board members have unanimously approved Mr. Xiang's resignation and elected the current CAST-NC Vice President and Board Member, Ms. Yu Lou as the CAST-NC President, effectively today - June 15, 2015.


由旅美科协北卡分会(CAST NC Chapter)和北卡州高科技三角区 Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill & NCSU 三所科研大学的中国学联协办的‘春晖杯’ 创新创业大赛北美赛区说明会,2015年5月25日在美国北卡罗来纳州的杜克大学基因科研中心顺利举行。中国旅美科技协会总会会长宋云明博士亲临会场,向到会的50余名科研人员和有志科技创新创业者,介绍了旨在协助旅美科技工作者创新创业的旅美科协 CAST-USA 及科协的系列活动。中国驻美大使馆教育处郑保国老师向与会者讲解了‘春晖杯’创新创业大赛的具体事宜。北卡知名创业者iPearl总裁黄海辉先生分享了成功创业的历程和维持企业成功的经验,并耐心解答了与会者的提问。Savvy Marketing CEO 翁惠芷女士因故未能前来参加活动,组办者现场播放了翁惠芷女士创业成功秘诀的 TED Talk,吸引了全场观众的注意。


"春晖杯"大赛暨创新创业研讨会 Chunhui Cup Contest and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Seminar



  • 宋云明博士, 中国旅美科技协会总会会长
  • 郑保国先生, 中国驻美大使馆教育处领事
  • 翁惠芷女士, Savvy Marketing CEO
  • 黄海辉先生, iPearl CEO



GPS导航地址:411 Chapel Dr. Durham, NC 27708


Seminars on Sunday March 1st

We are exited to announce that we have lined up two seminars on Sun. Mar. 1st. Each runs for about 30-45 minutes. Hope you can make it.

Date: Sun. Mar. 1st

Time: 1:30pm

Location: 2 Davis Drive, RTP, NC 27709. It is at the intersection between I40 and Davis Dr. right in the center of RTP.

Topic 1: 大数据肿瘤治疗

Presenter: Chris X. Guo, PhD, MPH, MD, President of Health Promotion Association of America (HPAA)

An abstract is attached.